03 April 2011

Optimus LG 3D.

. 03 April 2011
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Perusahaan elektronik Korea Selatan itu memperkenalkan ponsel pintar 3D, yaitu Optimus LG 3D.

Promosi perdana Optimus LG 3D dilaksanakan di Mobile World Congress, di Barcelona, Spanyol. Ponsel pintar yang akan dikapalkan musim panas ini memiliki fitur layar 4,3 inci untuk menonton film 3D, main video game 3D, bahkan merekam dan berbagi video 3D.

'Setiap telepon dilengkapi dengan dua kamera video 5 megapiksel untuk syuting film 3D. Pengguna dapat membuat konten 3D dan berbagi dengan orang lain, melalui 3D YouTube, hanya dengan menekan satu tombol,'' kata Daniel Hernandez, Direktur Pemasaran Produk LG Electronics kawasan Eropa.

Ketika pengguna merekam film 3D, mereka langsung bisa melihat gambar 3D secara real-time, dan bisa menyesuaikan dengan apa yang mereka rekam.
Cara membuat rekaman video 3D pun sangat sederhana, sehingga konsumen mudah melakukannya.

Baru-baru ini LG telah menandatangani kerja sama baru dengan YouTube, untuk mengisi konten video online berformat 3D, kemudian membagikannya ke perangkat ponsel.

Jong-Seok Park, Presiden dan CEO LG Electronics menambahkan perusahaan LG telah memutuskan memasuki arena 3D, untuk membawa pengalaman teater film 3D terlaris menuju ke ruang portabel.

''Ponsel 3D bekerja tanpa bantuan kacamata, yang membuat nyaman untuk menonton hiburan 3D. Era mobile 3D telah tiba,'' kata Park.

LG Optimus 3D ini juga dilengkapi konektivitas dengan High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), dan Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA).

Dilengkapi dengan prosesor 1GHz OMAP4 dual-core, dan empat kali decoder video, LG Optimus 3D menggandakan kinerja grafis kompetitor terdekatnya, yang memungkinkan pengguna menjelajahi web, aplikasi, bermain film, dan permainan dengan kecepatan tinggi.

Rencananya akan ada tiga game yang masuk dalam perangkat ponsel pintar itu, termasuk game balap Gameloft Asphalt 6, Golf Mari!, dan Nova.

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29 Januari 2011

Great Help to Find Good IPad Games

. 29 Januari 2011
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IPad is great device. It can give you a tool to find information as well as fun.

But, you need computer games to make your iPad become fun gadget. And Phelios.com can help you. You can read many reviews of many kinds of games for iPad, from ipad games for kids to puzzle games for you.

So, if you want to have not only good mac games for your iPad, but also, the best quality games, visit now. You will find the games easier with help from this website.

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28 Januari 2011

Ways to Combat Costly Business Travel

. 28 Januari 2011
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Business recede is inevitable to every businesses whether you are a starting out company to a multi-million dollar company. It is fragment of every companies expenditures but with marvelous strategy and planning. It can be colossal venue for unique projects and revenues. shrimp business owners are one of the most commonly affected by business travels because they don't have mighty budget to cater all these expenses plus the region of economy that changes every now and then. So, minimizing recede expenses is now more difficult than ever. However, in every difficult residence there is always a simple solution. Here are some of the few simple ways to slit the cost of your company's proceed expenses.

First, notion on how many business trips in a year that your company is going to have. Write and provide the details to your employees ahead of time so that they will know what are the do's and don'ts when they are on a business inch. Simply outlined the expenses they need to accomplish starting from taxi fares to hotel accommodation, so they will not consume more beyond the proposed budget because they already know that the company will not pay anything in excess of what is listed. Before you do a reimbursement, always ask for the receipt as a proof of their choose to solidify the expenses to scrutinize if it matches with the portray. Double-check the reports submitted to avoid errors. Since, this is a planned business crawl, shop around ahead of time for splendid packages and promo deals. This is one of the best and simplest plan to gash that proceed expenses by booking a package deals or promos. You can also derive a proper package deals that has free accommodation or free car rental which makes even easier for your employees because their itinerary is already spot.

If you can space two appointments in one journey that would definitely support in reducing you expenses. And also, if there are some items that needs to be delivered in that same city, you might as well bring that package to carve on freight and handling, it is like hitting two birds with one stone. In almost all companies, no matter how you planned your business whisk, there will always be unforeseen events that we are not in control of, like emergency trips that it is really needed. With state like this, there's no need to dismay because there are plenty of online sites that offers last limited packages that is even lawful for your budget. You can have extra freebies like free car parks, discounts on hotel accommodation or on car rentals. In addition, if your are patient and resourceful enough you will be able to secure these huge deals online.

Business depart need not be expensive as long as you are resourceful and will extend some extra mile in planning your trips. You can have a astonishing business recede experience without compromising comfort. All you need to do is be sparkling in looking for savings in planning your business travels, so that you are always on the legal track.

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06 Juli 2010

Helpful Business Finance Solution For You

. 06 Juli 2010
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It is a common thing that business owners sometimes face a financial hardship and they need cash to make their business keeps running. Some years ago, they probably required to do the complicated process when obtaining loan from bank. Today, the situation is different since business loan can be obtained in an easier way.

Are you also searching for Small Business Financing for your business? If yes, Ezunsecured.com is the only company that you should trust to obtain business loan. The Small Business Finance solution that they offer you would be very useful to support the existence of your business. To obtain their Business Loan, you don’t need to risk your assets since they don’t require you to submit any collateral. This is such as great Business Finance solution that will bring multiple benefits to your business. The application process to obtain the Business Loans is also simple; you even only need to spend thirty seconds to do it. If your personal financial situation is also bad, they are ready to help you with their Unsecured Personal Loans.

Now, you had better check their site to complete the application form. If you need further information related to the business loan, this company can be contacted via phone. The staff is ready to answers the questions that you may have and make your time in applying for the loan more convenient.

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06 Mei 2010

Chapman House Drug Rehabilitation Center

. 06 Mei 2010
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What is the best drug rehabilitation center in California? Well, as you probably have noticed, finding a drug rehabilitation center in a big city like California is very easy because there are many drug rehabilitation providers offering their services in California. You can certainly choose one that you think the best but if you want to get optimum benefits from a rehabilitation facility, you certainly need to highly consider it. You are strongly advised to find a rehabilitation facility that best suits your personal conditions, needs, and budget. If you are able to find such rehabilitation center, you will likely be able to permanently get recovered.

Fortunately, there is Chapmanrehab.com that is able to provide personalized Drug Rehab. This rehabilitation center offers a distinctive treatment plan which then becomes their key service. If other rehabilitation facilities probably use the conventional 12 step recovery method, this rehabilitation facility offers six Basic Feelings theory which focuses on the emotional recovery of their patients. The main reason why this rehabilitation center uses this theory is because patients will be able to control their addiction if their emotion is stable. In providing Addiction Treatment, this facility has employed many professional and dedicated therapists. There are also helpful and knowledgeable staffs that are responsible to make you comfortable and conveniently in attending the treatment program. Those staffs are able to assist and help you twenty four hours a day and seven days a week during your Drug Treatment. This means that you will be able to get reliable and professional help anytime you need.

Furthermore, the experiences of treating addictions for 30 years have made this rehabilitation facility know exactly what best for their patients. Their well experienced counselors are able to help you figure out the most suitable type of program for you. Therefore, if you are interested in this rehabilitation facility, you are encouraged to visit this website for further information.

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